How to use this dashboard
The OES dashboard holds  energy usage data from public buildings maintained by the City of Cincinnati: 
You can filter the results by clicking on the filters on the top of the page for each dashboard. 
Map of Properties: This shows general information about each property, along with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, electricity usage, and natural gas consumption. 
Instructions: This dashboard will allow the user to navigate to the Summary Per Property page. To select a property hover over a data point and right-click on the data point. 

Summary Per Property: Supplies more information about a particular property based on the property selected in the “Map of Properties” dashboard.  
Instructions: To navigate to it, select a data point on “Map of Properties.” To return to “Map of Properties” alt + click on the return to main menu button. 
Additional Charts: Supplies summary information for properties based on department and year.  
Data Diver: Supplies summary statistics based on Year, Department, Measures, and Property.
About this data
This visualization tool provides building-level energy performance data for the 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 calendar years for City of Cincinnati municipal buildings. 
Building Energy Performance
The City of Cincinnati Energy Benchmarking Dashboard provides a high-level overview of building-level energy performance data for City of Cincinnati facilities.
 Measuring building energy performance is an important component in achieving a more efficient building stock. In Cincinnati, approximately 49 percent of greenhouse gas emissions stem from building energy use. Reducing the amount of energy used by buildings is critical to helping the City meets it carbon goals by 2050.
 This dashboard shows the progress the City is making in reducing the amount of energy used by, and emissions attributable to, its facilities. (OPDA will complete this paragraph with information on how to use dashboard)