Neighborhood Operations Division (NOD), a division of the Department of Public Services (DPS) is responsible for maintaining a large portion of visible city-owned property.  Using the city's Greenspace Maintenance Plan, NOD cleans and maintains city green spaces, areas in the right-of-way (ROW), steps, public fences, bridge underpasses, guardrail buffers, alleys, walls, concrete islands and lots owned by or in the care of DPS (includes mowing, weed spraying, and litter pick-up).  Grass cutting occurs April through November: the Department provides a schedule listing the tentative dates for cleaning neighborhoods' green spaces and other related neighborhood cleanup projects.
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While the Greenspace Maintenance Plan covers work that the City does to proactively maintain clean neighborhoods,  DPS also responds to citizen service requests (CSRs) for litter, tall grass/weeds, and dumping on both public and private property (for more information on private property cleaning, see Private Lot Abatement Program).  The above visualization shows all green space cleaning/abatement activity in response to CSRs.