This dashboard contains data up to June 30, 2023 and will no longer be supported. To view the current dashboards please click on the customer service request button on the homepage or the customer service request button in the public services landing page.
How to use this dashboard
The all citizen service requests (Historical) dashboard provides a high-level overview of all service requests created and closed. Users can filter projects based on:
1.     Neighborhood: Depending on what neighborhood is selected (Community Council or SNA Neighborhood) users can select particular neighborhoods by clicking on the drop-down menu on the top right side. By default all neighborhoods are selected.
2.     Year: Based on the calendar year when the service was first created and closed. To filter by year adjust the slider on the top left side. By default all years are selected.
3.     Service Request Types: This is based on the what the service request is. Users can select service request types by clicking on the the drop-down menu. By default all service request types are selected.
Users can view Service Requests by Community Council or SNA Neighborhood by clicking on the upper left buttons to switch between neighborhoods. For an explanation on the differences between the two neighborhoods please read the definitions in the definition section down below.
Users can also interact with the by request or by neighborhood button to view individual or grouped service requests (by neighborhood).
To navigate to performance measures for closed service requests please click the arrow on the top right side of the dashboard. To return to service requests created click on the back arrow on the top left side of the dashboard.
About this data
Citizen Service Requests (CSR) give Cincinnati residents the opportunity to submit service request for concerns like potholes, tall grass and missed trash pick-up. Using the Fix It Cincy! Mobile App, the customer service request online portal and the hotline (311), citizen service requests are routed directly to City departments, including Transportation & Engineering, Buildings & Inspections, Health and Public Services. Once the department's work on the service request ticket is completed and the request is marked as "closed," customers receive an email notification that the work has been completed, followed by a link to an optional customer service feedback survey.
The data visualization shows how long customer service requests have been open, by location, service request type, and department work group. Satisfaction feedback on closed CSR tickets is available HERE
Created: The number of SRs created between the start and end date.
Closed: The number of SRs that are closed that were created between the start and end date.
Open: The number of SRs that are currently open that were created between the start and end date.
Avg. Days Open (For Open SRs): For all SRs that were created between the start and end date and are currently open, the average number of days they have been open.
Avg. Days to Close: For all SRs that were created between the start and end date and are closed, the average number of days between the date created and date closed.
% Satisfied: The satisfaction rate for SRs that were created between the start and end date and are closed (Note: not every closed SR receives an email, they are randomly sent by the system).
Community Council: Nonprofit voluntary organizations that weigh in on city matters, but exist separately from the city government and follow different rules. Each neighborhood council has defined its own border which, in some cases, are not in agreement with other contiguous neighborhood boundaries resulting in areas of overlap within the layer. The City of Cincinnati does not intervene or mediate on these boundary discrepancies.
SNA (Statistical Neighborhood Approximations) Neighborhoods: Cincinnati neighborhoods based on the US Census Data and American Community Survey five-year estimates. The boundaries are redrawn every ten years following the Census.