The Office of Performance & Data Analytics (OPDA) collects citywide data to monitor performance, improve service delivery, promote transparency, drive innovation, and creatively problem solve. The office features a team of performance & data analysts, data engineer, project manager, and Chief Performance Officer working with departments to measure performance, evaluate success and identify areas for improvement. OPDA focuses on key initiatives that are measured in the dashboard above:
  • CincyStat meetings are regular performance management sessions between the City Manager and department leadership using data-driven analysis to discuss performance, identify problems, diagnose causes and invest resources to solve issues
  • The Innovation Lab (iLab), which provides a collaborative work space for process improvement, is designed to gather front-line personnel to address some of the City’s most challenging operational and customer service issues.
  • The City's Open Data Portalwhich promotes government accountability and transparency through online access to government data.
  • CincyInsights, an interactive dashboard portal, to make city data visual, conveniently accessible, and user-friendly for all members of the Cincinnati community.