How to use this dashboard
The Police Calls for Service dashboard shows police incident response activity for the past three years in the City of Cincinnati. The dashboard can be filtered by:
          1.  City neighborhoods, including Police Reporting, Statistical Neighborhood Approximation, and Community Council boundary options.
          2. Call type reported by dispatchers.
          3. Time of the incident.
By default, only data for the past 6 months is shown. To view data for the past 3 years, including year-over-year comparisons, navigate to and select the ‘Historic - Past 3 Years’ tab at the top left-hand side of the dashboard.
About this data
The City of Cincinnati’s Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD) records all dispatch information, which is used by dispatchers, field supervisors, and on-scene officers to determine the priority, severity, and response needs surrounding the incident. Once an officer responds to a call, he/she updates the call type (listed under "Top Calls for Service" on the dashboard) to reflect findings on-scene.

The data displayed in this page is only for Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) calls for service. It does not include data from other law-enforcement agencies, such as the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, or University of Cincinnati Police.
This also does not include crime data/case records (RMS data), arrest information, final case determination, or any other incident outcome data. A dashboard showing data on reported shootings is available here.