Tax Increment Finance District (TIF) take increases in property tax revenue from new development and uses them to finance public improvement projects in the designated districts. Of the total revenue earned, 27% gets paid back to the local school district.
How to use this dashboard:
The Tax Increment Finance District (TIF) dashboard provides a high-level overview on the revenue collected in each district, expenses, and current fund balance. Users can filter projects based on:
1.     Budget Fiscal Year: This is based on the City of Cincinnati budget cycle which starts from July 1st to June 30th.
2.     TIF Districts: Are a tax increment structure established in 2002 and 2005 that blankets a larger number of sites, typically centered on neighborhood business districts. The increment collected in these districts can be used to make public improvements that benefit or serve the district in which the increment was collected. These are created through TIF District Ordinances. For further information about TIF districts, please click here