The City is working with our recycling vendor to update our connection to their data system. The data below will not be updated until the new connection is re-established. 
The City of Cincinnati recognizes waste reduction and diversion as critical in our effort to keep our communities clean and litter-free, and key components of our path to sustainability. With the right systems in place, most so-called waste materials are actually valuable resources.  Cincinnati began offering curbside recycling to residents and businesses in 1989, and has steadily increased participation and waste-diversion rates over time. With the introduction of RFID technology in recycling carts, the City has been able to use recycling analytics data to target outreach efforts and improve participation, reduce our environmental footprint and save money.
Disclaimer: RFID technology is not perfect! If you find an error in recycling collection on this dashboard, please call 513-352-3200. 
The Green Cincinnati Plan outlines steps to continue our City on a path to zero-waste.  Follow this LINK or call 513-352-3200 to learn more about  Cincinnati’s Recycling Program.
The data used to create the dashboard below is updated to show recycling participation activity monthly. All underlying data is available on the Open Data Portal.

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Already recycling? This dashboard only shows addresses that recycle through the City of Cincinnati's Recycling Program (so, participation in private recycling services won't show up here).