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The Private Lot Abatement Program (PLAP) was formed through a proposal by Mayor Cranley to clean up overgrown lots and blight on private property in Cincinnati neighborhoods. PLAP has two critical components: civil citation issuance (via code enforcement), and lot cleaning/abatement.
PURPOSE: To promote thriving, clean, safe, and healthy neighborhoods through cleaning and abatement of private lots, while increasing code enforcement and civil citation revenue (for reinvestment back into PLAP).
HOW IT WORKS: Overgrown and blighted properties are reported by phone, the FixIt Cincy App, or online: code enforcement inspectors go out to physically inspect these properties. Citations are issued for tall grass and weeds (when overgrowth exceeds 10" height) and litter on the property: if the property is still in violation 10 days later, a second citation is issued, and the property is considered "abandoned," and is included in PLAP for abatement and ongoing maintenance. Properties with multiple abatements are candidates for sale or legal lot re-purposing via the Land Bank.
Both code enforcement and property abatement work is managed by the Neighborhood Operations Division (NOD) of the Department of Public Services (DPS). 
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