This does not include City funding of third parties to perform elements of City Operations—managing city-owned assets or programs.
About this data:
The City of Cincinnati provides financial support to specific programs or for the general operations of organizations that perform a service benefiting Cincinnati residents.
Organizations are expected to leverage funding from the City with additional financial resources – either raised from other governmental or private entities or as earned revenue from providing a service. 
How to use this dashboard:
This dashboard provides a high level overview of city sponsored programs and general operations benefiting Cincinnati residents through leveraged support. This dashboard does not include funding of third parties to perform parts of City operations. Users can view other metrics relating to partner organizations, services provided, clients/beneficiaries served by clicking on the buttons on the upper left side of the dashboard.

Arts: This category supports initiatives that promote, enhance, and provide access to the arts and cultural activities. Projects can range from visual and performing arts to literary arts and community cultural events, aiming to enrich the community's cultural landscape and foster a deeper appreciation for the arts.
Economic Development and Neighborhood Support: Focuses on initiatives that stimulate local economies, improve neighborhood vitality, and support small businesses. Projects in this category aim to create job opportunities, enhance economic resilience, and foster an environment where businesses and communities can thrive.
Environment: Supports projects that protect and enhance the natural environment, promote sustainability, and address climate change. Initiatives in this category can range from conservation efforts to environmental education and sustainable urban planning.
Equity and Inclusion: Supports projects aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within communities and organizations. These initiatives work to dismantle barriers to opportunity and participation, particularly for marginalized and underrepresented groups.
Homelessness and Eviction Prevention: Focuses on reducing homelessness and preventing evictions through direct support services, housing assistance, and advocacy. Initiatives in this category aim to provide stable housing solutions and support systems for at-risk populations.
Human Services and Violence Prevention: This category encompasses programs that address immediate human needs and work to prevent violence.
Workforce Programming and Poverty Reduction: Targets initiatives that provide job training, education, and employment services to reduce poverty and improve economic self-sufficiency. This category seeks to equip individuals with the skills and opportunities needed to secure sustainable employment.
Direct Services: Your organization interacted directly with the recipients of services or directly with the physical environment prioritized for improvement.
Indirect Services: Resources were channeled to address a problem; however, your organization did not come in direct contact with those being served.
Advocacy: Your organization brought awareness to an issue to inspire others to take action.
Education: Imparting general knowledge and life skills, and developing the powers of reasoning and judgment.
Organizational Capacity Building: Developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt and thrive.
Person-centered Outreach: Helping people find stability, which can include everything from providing for basic needs like food and shelter to offering guidance, counseling, and substance abuse treatment with the goal of promoting self-sufficiency and happiness in people's lives.
Community/Neighborhood Building: Place-based, solutions-oriented approach to improving quality of life in a geographically defined area.
Violence Prevention: Initiatives focused on reducing violence, identifying causes and risk factors of violence, and/or supporting victims of violence.
Environmental Sustainability: Initiatives focused on the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection or care.