How to use this dashboard
The Heroin Overdose Response dashboard shows reported heroin overdose incident response activity for the past four years in the City of Cincinnati. The dashboard can be filtered by:
          1.  City neighborhoods, including Statistical Neighborhood Approximation, and Community Council boundary options.
          2. Response type reported by emergency medical services personnel. The response type does not include patient information or medical outcome of the incident.
          3. Time of the incident.
By default, only data for the past 6 months is shown. To view data for the past 3 years, including year-over-year comparisons, navigate to and select the ‘Historic - Past 3 Years’ tab at the top left-hand side of the dashboard.
About this data
In the summer of 2016, the City of Cincinnati experienced a unprecedented spike in heroin overdoses. In response to this epidemic, the City of Cincinnati began analyzing emergency medical services (EMS) response data to identify trends and geographic "hotspots," helping public safety identify key areas for strategically deploying personnel and medical resources. 
Note: the data populating this dashboard is a subset of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Response data (EMS dashboard can be found HERE). This data captures CFD responses to reported heroin overdose incidents, and does not include patient information or medical outcome data.