Note: Users will not be able to use filters on the map visuals in order to protect anonymity.
How to use this dashboard:
The electric scooter dashboard provides a high-level overview of trips within and outside of the City. Users can view trips based on:
1.     Starting/Ending Location: This is based on where and when the trip started and ended. To navigate between the starting and ending location click on the top right hand side of the dashboard. By default it will start on starting location and show the visual based on year. Note: If you click on the time button to change the view then click on the different location button it will display as the visual being selected as one thing but by default it shows the year visual, to resolve, click on one of the time buttons that you want and there will not be that mismatch.
2.  Time: This is based on day, month, year to navigate between the time displayed click on the time view that you want in the bottom center of the dashboard.
This dashboard will be updated monthly.
About the Data:
The Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE) manages dockless, public use e-scooter sharing transit systems operated by private companies under franchise agreements with the City of Cincinnati. These e-scooters previously operated under a pilot program beginning in 2018. The data published below shows the utilization of franchisee e-scooters since the City began managing franchise agreements with companies in mid-2023.

Starting Location: The location on where the trip was initiated. 
Ending Location: The location on where the trip was concluded.
Neighborhood: Cincinnati neighborhoods based on the US Census Data and American Community Survey five-year estimates. The boundaries are redrawn every ten years following the Census.