How to use this dashboard
The Community Perceptions Survey Dashboard shows the results of the 2021 citywide Community Perceptions Survey, broken into three tabs:
  • Satisfaction: which shows respondents’ satisfaction across services
  • Importance: which shows services by how much respondents want the City to emphasize them over the next two years
  • Respondents, which shows a breakdown of respondents to the survey
Each tab of the dashboard can be filtered by:
  • Demographic of the survey respondent, including race, gender, age, years resident, annual household income, and residence type
  • City survey zone* of the survey respondent
To use the dashboard:
  • Choose from the dropdown menus in Step 1 and Step 2 to enable all visuals
  • Use the toolbar at the bottom right to share the dashboard, download the data, or reset the filters
*The Cincinnati Community Perceptions Survey categorized respondents into six city zones, numbered 1 through 6, that have similar total populations and are composed of adjacent neighborhoods. These districts are visible in the map views on the dashboard.
About this data
The Cincinnati Community Perceptions Survey was developed by the City's Office of Performance and Data Analytics and ETC Institute in the fall of 2021. This community engagement tool was designed to allow the City Administration to evaluate resident satisfaction with our services and measure that level of satisfaction against cities of similar size, location, and demographics. The survey design also allows the City to capture community priorities for investment in services over the next two years.

The survey was administered during the winter of 2021 by mail to a random sample of households across the city, and was available to complete by mail or online. The goal of 1,200 completed surveys was exceeded, with a total of 1,408 residents completing the survey. The overall residents for the sample of 1,408 households have a precision of at least +/-2.6% at the 95% level of confidence, and are demographically representative of our city's population.

The survey will set a baseline for Cincinnati to work from with the goal of better understanding where we are excelling in service delivery and where our local government could benefit from intentional improvement and resources.