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Buildings & Inspections' Property Maintenance Division is charged with eliminating blight and building safety hazards and promotes building repair and renovation through education and enforcement to protect the public health, safety and quality of life.
Property Maintenance Code Enforcement requests include tenant complaints about poor housing conditions and neighbor complaints of blight on commercial and residential buildings and premises.
Zoning complaints relate to illegal land use issues, including (but not limited to) front yard parking on grass, contractor's yards in residential districts and illegal commercial uses in residential districts. For more information on Zoning Code, view the City of Cincinnati Zoning Code (Section 1400-1451 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code). 
Concentrated Code Enforcement is a house-to-house inspection in code enforcement areas. All buildings in a neighborhood focus area are inspected on the exterior for property maintenance issues.  It is a systematic and proactive approach to addressing code violations and is typically performed as part of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.
To make a code enforcement complaint, click HERE or call 513-591-6000. To view the status of a complaint, click HERE.
How to use this dashboard:
The Code Enforcement dashboard provides a high-level overview of code enforcement cases created and closed. Users can filter projects based on:
1.     Case Type: Depending on what case types are selected, users can select particular case types by clicking on the drop-down menu on the top left side. By default all case types are selected.
Users can view cases by the neighborhood or individual level, to toggle between the two views. Users can click on the buttons on the upper center portion of the dashboard. To navigate to cases created and closed in the last three years click on the button on the upper right side of the dashboard. To return to cases created this year click on the back arrow on the top left side of the dashboard. This dashboard will be updated daily. 
Neighborhoods: Cincinnati neighborhoods based on the US Census Data and American Community Survey five-year estimates. The boundaries are redrawn every ten years following the Census.