How to use this dashboard
The Closed Citizen Complaint dashboard shows complaints made through the Citizen Complaint Authority against police officers in the City of Cincinnati. The dashboard can be filtered by:
          1.  City neighborhoods.
          2. Finding recorded by the Citizen Complaint Authority.
          3. Time of the incident, including an additional filter for the date the incident was closed versus the day the incident was reported.
          4. Allegation type reported to the Citizen Complaint Authority by the alleged victim.
Due to a system upgrade, the data for this dashboard will not be refreshing at this time.
About this data
Citizen Complaint Authority (CCA) was established in 2002 as a result of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and the historical Collaborative Agreement (CA) between the U.S. Department of Justice the City of Cincinnati. The CA was an agreement between the Cincinnati Black United Front, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio Foundation, Inc. (ACLU), on behalf of the class, the City of Cincinnati and the Fraternal Order of Police. The Citizen Complaint Authority’s (CCA) mission is to investigate serious interventions by police officers including, but not limited to, discharging of firearms; deaths in custody; excessive use of force; improper pointing of firearms; improper stops; improper entries, searches and seizures; and discrimination.
This dashboard visualizes information regarding specific allegations filed against an officer. This does not represent the total count of cases seen by CCA, as one case can have multiple allegations involving multiple citizens and officers. The data included in this dashboard is only representative of allegations investigated by CCA and does not include allegations investigated internally by the Cincinnati Police Department. This dashboard includes visuals such as the final finding of the allegation, officer and citizen demographics, and the allegations made by neighborhood.