How to use this dashboard:
The Building Project Permits dashboard provides a high-level overview of projects that are permitted across the City of Cincinnati. This dashboard has two pages; one page displaying the current year and the other page displaying the last three years. To navigate to the last three years of data please click the arrow on the top right side of the dashboard. To return back to the current year data, click on the back arrow to the top left side of the dashboard. Users can interact with the dashboard through:
1.     Clicking on the Project Button: This can be used on both pages, it displays all residential and non-residential projects that were permitted as points on a map.
2.     Clicking on the Neighborhood Button: This can be used on both pages, it displays all residential and non-residential projects that were permitted, based on Statistical Neighborhood Approximation (SNA). 
3.     Adjusting the Year Filter: This is exclusive to the historical page, users based on the calendar year when the permit was issued.
This dashboard will be updated daily.
About the Data:
The Department of Buildings and Inspections protects the health and safety of the citizens by ensuring the quality and integrity of the City's building environment.  The goal is to promote economic development and maintaining the quality of commercial and residential building stock through the enforcement of established building and zoning codes.
The Department of Buildings and Inspections operates the Permit Center and consists of four sections:  Office of the DirectorPermits and InspectionsProperty Maintenance Code Enforcement and Zoning Administration.
The Permit Center offers single point-of-contact service for Cincinnati homeowners, developers, architects, small business owners, construction personnel and others involved in the development and building permit process.
The Permit Guide has information on the types of projects that require permits. Information on permit costs can be found here
SNA (Statistical Neighborhood Approximations) Neighborhood: Displays Cincinnati neighborhoods modified to closely "fit" the US Census Data & American Community Survey (ACS) five-year estimates. These boundaries are useful in that they can be correlated to US Census population data. The boundaries are redrawn every ten years following the Census.
Note: The Cincinnati SNA Boundaries are NOT the same as the Cincinnati Community Council Neighborhood Boundaries.