How to use this dashboard
The Alternative Response to Crisis (ARC) dashboard shows ARC team incident response activity for the duration of the pilot program within City of Cincinnati. The dashboard can be filtered by:
          1.  City Neighborhoods or where the incident took place.  Listed as statistical neighborhood approximation (SNA) designated by the census. 
          2. Date of Response: the response date of the incident.
          3. Problem or the type of the incident.
About this data
Alternative Response to Crisis (ARC) is a City of Cincinnati pilot program designed to help those in crisis using the most appropriate and least invasive intervention available.
Call-takers at the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) evaluate calls regarding low level crisis (e.g., check someone's welfare, address basic needs issues, or provide connection to services) for ARC eligibility. When an ARC Response Team is on duty, and a police call has been flagged as ARC eligible, the team is sent in lieu of police.
The City of Cincinnati’s Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD) records all dispatch information, which is used by dispatchers, field supervisors, and on-scene officers to determine the priority, severity, and response needs surrounding the incident. The data displayed in this page is only for calls which received an ARC response.