The Office of Performance & Data Analytics (OPDA) collects citywide data to monitor performance, improve service delivery, promote transparency, drive innovation, and creatively problem solve. In addition to continually adding and updating data sets posted to the City's Open Data Portal, OPDA created CincyInsights, an interactive dashboard portal, to make city data visual, conveniently accessible, and user-friendly for all members of the Cincinnati community.  
All CincyInsights pages contain fully interactive, automatically updated dashboards; each page provides relevant context and explanation, and includes definitions for the data in each visualization. 

To promote government accountability and transparency, the Open Data Cincinnati initiative of the Office of Performance & Data Analytics (OPDA) provides open, online access to government data. The goal of this initiative is to increase data accessibility, and encourage development of creative tools to engage, serve, and improve Cincinnati neighborhoods and residents’ quality of life.

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