The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is a civilian led 911 emergency call center that provides call talking and dispatch support to both Cincinnati Police and Fire departments. ECC's primary responsibility is to answer and dispatch any calls related to public safety.  
The ECC measures its performance using National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO) standards; these are organizations that set national standards for 911 call performance and customer service. 
Smart911 is an emergency communications tool that that provides 9-1-1 call takers and first responders with additional critical information about participating residents. Through Smart911, residents can create a secure “Safety Profile” that will automatically display to emergency call takers immediately upon placing a 9-1-1 call. When a call comes in, a call taker will see a user’s Safety Profile as well as a Facility Profile about their current location. More information on Smart911 is available here
How to use the ECC Staffing dashboard:
Users can interact with the dashboard by filtering the calendar date on the top right side of the dashboard.  Additionally, users can navigate to see the staffing of certain positions by clicking on a position on the top center portion of the dashboard.

About this Data:
The Emergency Communications Center’s primary functions are:
1.   Emergency (911) Call-Taking 
2.   Non-Emergency (311) Call-Taking
3.   Police Dispatching
These functions are performed by staff in the following job classifications
1.   Customer Relations Representative (CRR): Performs Non-Emergency (311) call-taking.
2.   Emergency 911 Operator (E911):  Performs Non-Emergency (311) and Emergency (911) call-taking.
3.   Senior Emergency 911 Operator (SE911): Conducts quality assurance evaluations.
4.   Operator Dispatcher (OD): Performs Non-Emergency (311) and Emergency (911) call-taking, and dispatch police officers.
5.   Emergency Services Dispatch Supervisor (ESDS):  Provides direct supervision and support to the 311, 911, and police dispatching functions.
ECC hires new employees in the CRR and E911 roles. The SE911, OD, and ESDS roles are internal promotional opportunities.
We have included 4 different categories in which our staffing positions fall: filled positions, vacancies, goal, and limit.
1.   Filled positions: Is the count of staff on hand.
2.   Vacancies: The positions that are currently vacant.
3.   Goal: Total number of positions.
4.   Limit: Maximum number of staff members allowed. This differs from Goal because it allows the department to exceed the goal while training new employees.