The Department of Transportation & Engineering's (DOTECity Street Rehab Program preserves and maintains the City's transportation infrastructure through street paving (new asphalt and curb repair) and preventative maintenance treatments.
As part of the Capital Acceleration Plan (CAP), the City is investing significant funds in street infrastructure to eliminate costly long-term replacement, maintenance and repairs while enhancing safety and the quality of life in our neighborhoods. The financial savings associated with this investment are significant: the cost to replace poor roads is significantly more over time than maintaining them in good condition. Between $6 and $14 in reconstruction costs can be avoided or deferred for every $1 in maintenance costs spent.
Each year, the City selects streets for rehabilitation & repair based on street condition, geography, and coordination with other right-of-way construction. Street condition, measured through pavement condition index  (PCI), is updated annually through a citywide street pavement survey. DOTE publishes an annual list of the streets selected for rehabilitation-- under the CAP program, every community in the City of Cincinnati will be targeted for roadwork on a three-year rotation under the Street Rehabilitation Program.